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Petals From a Paper Rose

The Warp and Twist

I'm a typical leo lion - impulsive, stubborn, passionate and, every now and then, just a little brilliant, when I'm not suffering from brain soup and driving over roundabouts.
Pronouns make me hot. I think it's the fact that there are seven different types and it makes you feel so darn smart if you can reel them off fast enough. Personal, Possessive, Reflexive, Demonstrative, Relative, Interrogative, Indefinite. See?
Determiners aren't the same. They're just weak pretenders to the burnished throne of pronoundom.
Green lentil soup. I get cravings for it at the strangest moments, in the weirdest of places.
I had only just started high school on September 11th. I'd never heard the word "terrorist" before. I watched the footage of the burning towers on all the channels, and that night dreamt the world was on fire, from the charred earth to the falling sky. A line from Eliot was repeating itself on a voice over: "This is the way the world ends"
I wish I could wander through the world wide-eyed, but I think I've grown too cynical.
Small market towns were probably made so that young people could escape from them, and older people to them.
One deep breath can prepare you for anything.
I write best late at night after a glass of wine, either sprawled on my bed or curled up in a corner of the couch. Sometimes I go into a trance when I'm writing, and the words come so quickly and easily it's like there's a magic inside me that's rushing out of the ends of my fingers, through the pen and onto the page.
Other times the trash splashes out just as easily.
I love being stroked on the neck. My last boyfriend taught me that, if nothing else.
Spontaneous trips to Starbucks are among those beautiful, invigorating moments that make life a little bit more like 'Friends'.
A cool breeze makes me feel like I could disperse and be a part of everything that is, ever was and ever will be in the whole world.
Shakespeare is, in the words of my English teacher, "the grandaddy of just about everything". My English teacher's right about most things like that, only he also likes the sound of children crying and thinks northern accents are "hilarious". Just shows wisdom doesn't always walk with taste.
I watch far too much "Frasier" - an addiction in reaction to too many grey days. "Well baby, I hear the blues a-callin'..."
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